Thursday, March 15, 2012

My new Love

Last week I had the unpleasant expierence of having my wisdom teeth removed. After coming home and popping some pain pills I decided I needed some cheering up. I had purchased the Kindle Fire back in November and really was not impressed as I had hoped. I feel bad saying it. There is nothing "wrong" with the Fire. It just wasn't for me. I looked at it as a cheaper iPad and it's just not the same. So after securing a buyer for the kindle, I purchased the iPad . Oh my goodness. I have only owned one Apple product ever, an iPod. I always loved the iPod. My husband can not stand Apple. He never seems to have a good reason but he was very against me going for an Apple products. I can say now I never wanna go back lol. I love Apple and I love my iPad. Now I get all those people standing in line to be the first to get this stuff! I don't have an iPhone but as soon as I can upgrade, I will. And hopefully someday when I can afford a new laptop or desktop, it will be a Mac. My poor husband will have to learn to live with it :)

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