Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pics from the Day

Lunchtime :) 
Sun is out! 
Had to cut my walk short, allergies were hurting my contacts
Some much needed relaxing 
Got to catch a Phillies day game :)
A little treat..just one!

A good mental health day :) 

The Beginning

I stepped on the scale a month ago and could not believe what I saw. Sure, I knew the number was high, but this was 5 pounds over my scary high weight. I couldn't afford 5 pounds. I couldn't afford 1. I was out of breath walking up my steps. I could go to the gym and do the elliptical for an hour or the treadmill for a mile but I wasn't really pushing myself.

I don't know what clicked that Sunday that had not clicked any other Sunday before that. Maybe it was seeing the 2-8-0 pop on that screen. Maybe it was the fear that at age 30 , I could be heading down a dangerous path, one which I might never come back from. So that Monday I stated using my favorite app to track calories, Lose It!

 Some one asked me what my favorite things to do are. I said, read healthy living blogs. Yes, I, the obese girl who can't run, who eats McDonald's three times a week, loves to read how others got or stay healthy. And I thought, why am I not doing this?! I spend hours a day reading about it but here I am, staying the same. So I started making changes.

 1: Using my calorie tracker every. single. day So far I have been successful:
17 pounds gone and it feels so good! I am proud of every one of those pounds, even if the outside world can't see they are gone. I still struggle with the "healthy" side of eating. I have cut back on the junk food but I still don't always make the best choices. Sometimes I would rather eat the junk food, just less. I am getting there though, one day at a time

2.Water, water water!! I was a diet soda drinker up until about 5 years ago. Then I become obessed Crystal Light Iced Tea. I was drinking up to a pitcher a day. Still, no plain water. That changed 4 weeks ago.I now drink close to 100 oz of water a day. I have a desk job and yes I get up every half hour on the dot but hey, it's worth it! ( and I still have a glass of my tea at night because I still love the stuff).

3. Exercise Ummm I walked a mile yesterday. This is something I need to work on. Sometimes it feels overwhelming and I just want to focus on food. But I know a healthy lifestyle for me includes diet AND exercise.

So that's my story. I love to read and following other blogs for healthy living and weight loss. I am also looking for friends on Lose It! To find me, search Add me!! :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day

Oh my goodness, time flies when you are having fun! I get kinda sad a few days before Christmas because I know how fast it will go! This year was no different. We had a wonderful party for our friends 2 weeks before Christmas. I was so busy cooking and drinking wine that I didn't take any pics of anyone but I got a few shots of the turkey and the table

Handsome hubby

Some Christmas pics

Light up heart pillow hubby got me!

A wonderful Holiday indeed!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall is here!

Fall is by far my favorite time of year. I know this is an odd thing but I really enjoy when it gets dark out early. I guess it's because I'm a night owl? Not sure. I also love fall decorations. Now that we are in a townhouse I am able to do more outside decorations :)

I also have some Halloween things up and more to come. The weekends in fall always seem to be more relaxing. This weekend was a good mix of relaxing and getting some much needed work done around the house. One project I tackled was my mess of a pantry. The pantry had become a dumping ground for anything we couldn't find room for. Once I got in there it didn't take long

I still have a lot in there but it's much more organized now :) My goal is to be all organized and ready to go for the holidays.

As for the relaxing part....

Wild and crazy with a glass of wine at dinner last night ;)

Off to watch another great thing about fall...Football! Go EAGLES!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all the Irish and wanna be Irish!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

My new Love

Last week I had the unpleasant expierence of having my wisdom teeth removed. After coming home and popping some pain pills I decided I needed some cheering up. I had purchased the Kindle Fire back in November and really was not impressed as I had hoped. I feel bad saying it. There is nothing "wrong" with the Fire. It just wasn't for me. I looked at it as a cheaper iPad and it's just not the same. So after securing a buyer for the kindle, I purchased the iPad . Oh my goodness. I have only owned one Apple product ever, an iPod. I always loved the iPod. My husband can not stand Apple. He never seems to have a good reason but he was very against me going for an Apple products. I can say now I never wanna go back lol. I love Apple and I love my iPad. Now I get all those people standing in line to be the first to get this stuff! I don't have an iPhone but as soon as I can upgrade, I will. And hopefully someday when I can afford a new laptop or desktop, it will be a Mac. My poor husband will have to learn to live with it :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Slow but steady

So I decided that exercising needs to become more of a priority in my life. I find it odd that I spend hours a day ready Healthy Living blogs as I continue to eat junk and come home and flop on the sofa. Unfortunately it has been in a loong time since I have worked out. I find I really do enjoy walking outside instead of a treadmill. With a new downloaded app on my phone to measure my time and distance, I set out. I was tired and it was freezing but I got out there. Only managed a mile tonight but it can only go up from here! Besides, it's a mile more then I did yesterday!!